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      DRY ERASE X-Y CENTIMETER GRID, DOUBLE SIDED 11" X 16" Student Response Board  


The front side is lined and the back side is a blank white dry erase surface.


X-Y Centimeter Grid BXY1116-2x

 This board has an X-Y Centimeter Grid. The board itself is a solid, wood board 1/8" thick. Unbeatable Markerboard People quality. 

     11" x 15.75" x 1/8"  12oz each In Stock

11 x 16   X-Y Centimeter Grid Combo Class Pack
Qty:   (item # BXYC1116-2x)
Dry Erase Marker Color:
Includes Markers and Erasers  for everyone. (Price equals out to $6.60 per student.)

Dry Erase Boards Only - Class Set
Price = $5.60 per board
Qty:   (item # BXY1116-2x)
NO markers or erasers

Individual Boards 
Price: $9.95 each
Qty: (item # BXY1116-2x)

Our Boards, Markers & Erasers are Made in the U.S.A.

    Recognize any of the above "PRETEND" boards?

     Most Companies are now selling "pretend" dry erase boards for classroom students. We believe boards that permanently stain, peel or come apart don't belong in the classroom and we won't sell them.

     Our student dry erase boards are designed for daily classroom use.    

     We guarantee that our boards will never permanently stain, peel or come apart. Both sides of our boards are coated with a non-porous, Earth-Friendly Dry Erase Surface. The inner core of our boards is made from recycled wood and it's earned the Environmentally Preferable Product Seal.

     You will find our dry erase surface erases with ease when using our markers. In fact we guarantee our "Goof-Proof" Dry Erase Surface will never permanently stain, even if written on with a permanent marker we can tell you how to clean it off.

     Just use reasonable care and keep away from abrasives and sharp objects and they can last for years in your classrooms too.


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