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All Double Sided

 Look for our Exhibit at the National Education Conferences.

Features & Benefits
 Our Surface will not peel or flake off
 Our surface will never stain*
        Non-porous "Goof-Proof" Dry Erase Surface
 Great Erasablity 
           Our markers erase with ease off our boards
 Built for everyday classroom use
                     Not just for occasional classroom use
 Warp Free - Boards Lay Flat
 Made in USA Boards, Markers and Erasers made in U.S.A


   By Grade Level

24" x 24" Small Group Boards                    24" x 36" Small Group Boards


 We will not sell plastic mats, paddles, "sheet protectors", or panelboards as dry erase boards. Most other people sell semi-porous plastic surfaces as dry erase boards. Semi-porous surfaces will permanently stain over time.

      We only sell real non-porous dry erase boards. We guarantee in writing that our surfaces will never permanently stain. Even if written on with a permanent marker we can tell you how to remove it without hurting the board.



The Markerboard People
  1611 North Grand River 
       P.O. Box 80560
      Lansing, MI 48906

Phone Numbers:
  ph 800-DRY-ERASE (379-3727)
 fax 888-DRY-ERASE (379-3727)

 *We guarantee our "Goof-Proof" Dry Erase Surfaces to  never permanently stain, even if written on with the wrong marker. That's The Markerboard People unbeatable guarantee !  Just keep the boards from sharp objects (steak knives, hack saws, etc.) and abrasives, like old fashioned comet cleanser.

If you ever have any questions or comments just email us or give us a call.

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