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The front side is lined and the back side is a blank white dry erase surface.


Advanced Place Value #RA0912-2x

This dry erase board features our "goof-proof" dry erase surface with Handwriting Guidelines 3/4" apart etched and locked onto the surface.  Turn sideways and you have columns for math work. It also incorporates the decimal point. The board itself is a solid, wood board 1/8" thick. All edges and corners are rounded for safety and durability. Unbeatable Markerboard People quality. Available in our Class Combo Pack which includes student dry erase markers and erasers for each student. Also available in Boards Only class sets.

9 x 12 Advanced Place Value Combo Class Pack
Qty:   (item # RAC0912-2x)
Dry Erase Marker Color:
Includes Markers and Erasers  for everyone. (Price equals out to $4.75 per student.)

Boards Only - Class Set
Price = $3.75 per board
Qty:   (item # RA0912-2x)
NO markers or erasers

Individual Boards 
Price: $7.50 each
Qty: (item # RA0912-2x)

       Our Marker tips are guaranteed not to collapse or "disappear" inside the marker. The markers are ULTRA LOW ODOR. They are also completely NON TOXIC and conform to ASTM D-4236 standards. WE guarantee ONE of our student markers has the writing power of TWO ExpoTM Chisel Tip Markers.   Each marker is 6" long.  

     Our Student Erasers are made from recycled materials (wood & felt) and are virtually indestructible. They fit comfortably in the hand and will quickly erase our student dry erase boards. They also are the perfect size to erase individual words or numbers. We guarantee the felt will not separate from the wooden tops or we will replace them  free.  



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