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   SCIENCE Double-Sided DRY ERASE Student Response Boards    Click Here to see all Double-Sided Boards

All our Dry Erase Surfaces are "Goof-Proof". We are your Sole Source for these products. When you purchase factory direct from us, you are assured of both best price and quality.                                                                       Made in the U.S.A. shipped direct from our factory


Check out these great science focused Student Dry Erase boards.  At the 2013 National  Science Teachers Conference, Science Educators chose these two 11" x 16"  response boards as their favorites more than 75% of the time.  More Info

Periodic Table
11" x 16" Response Board 
$5.60 each
Base 10 Grid  Algebra II & Above
11" x 16" Response Board 
$5.60 each

 World Map
11" x 16" Response Board 
$5.60 each
  World & US  (Back to Back)
11" x 16" Response Board 
$5.60 each
United States Map
11" x 16" Response Board 
$5.60 each

  Rulerboard  3rd - 8th
11" x 16" Response Board 
$5.60 each
 Storyboard  K - 2nd
11" x 16" Response Board 
$5.60 each
 Graphboard Algebra 1
11" x 16" Response Board 
$5.60 each

Human Anatomy Systems 5 Board Small Group Pack 

Get one each of our Human Anatomy boards with markers & erasers for $33  Click Here!!!

Skeletal, Brain, Digestive, Heart, and Circulatory System

Skeletal System
11" x 16" Response Board 
$5.60 each
Human Brain
11" x 16" Response Board 
$5.60 each

Digestive System
11" x 16" Response Board 
$5.60 each
Human Heart
11" x 16" Response Board 
$5.60 each
Circulatory System
11" x 16" Response Board 
$5.60 each

       Basic Place Value
  9" x 12" 
$3.75 each
Unit Circle / Polar Graph
11" x 16" Response Board 
$5.60 each
Cell Diagrams NEW
11" x 16" Response Board 
$5.60 each

#1 choice 9" x 12" size
$3.75 each

X/Y Centimeter Grid
#2 choice  9" x 12" size 
$3.75 each

Centimeter Grid
#3 choice  9" x 12" size
$3.75 each

    Advanced Place Value
3rd - 8th     9" x 12"   
$3.75 each


More Info  We Exhibit at National Educational Conferences. Schools and Districts stop at our booth and sign up with us. We then give them a Student Dry Erase Board of their choice to take back to their School and District. When viewed side by side, Educators took our full size 11" x 16"   Base 10 Grid or Periodic Table over 75% of the time. Teachers like being able to see the students work when the students held up their boards, including the kids in the back of the class.


     Why just purchase "good" elsewhere, when you can get "Great" at a great price from us?

 Features & Benefits
 Our Surface will not peel or flake off
 Our surface will never stain*
        Non-porous "Goof-Proof" Dry Erase Surface
 Great Erasablity 
           Our markers erase with ease off our boards
 Built for everyday classroom use
                     Not just for occasional classroom use
 Multi Sensory
               - Students can See & Feel the Guidelines
 Warp Free - Boards Lay Flat
 No Clear Overcoat to Flake or Wear Off
 All Edges and Corners are rounded,
                                         for safety and durability
 Permanent Guidelines & Graphics
   Etched and Locked onto our non-porous surface
 Earth Friendly - SCS Certified
     Our boards = Minimum 82% Recycled Content
 Made in USA 
         Boards, Markers and Erasers made in U.S.A.
 FREE Online Shipping available
 RISK FREE 30 Day Trial Available
                      on any 30 student class combo pack 
 Two Sided Student Response Boards
           Single Sided Dry Erase Boards available too


 *We guarantee our "Goof-Proof" Dry Erase Surfaces to  never permanently stain, even if written on with the wrong marker. Try to get that guarantee from any of our competitors! We sell to schools factory direct across North America. The only way to get The Markerboard People Products is directly from us. We are #1 for a reason; join us in revitalizing education.


 We have shared our products at National Educational Conferences including NAESP, ASCD, NCTM, IRA, and NSTA. We have enjoyed working with these organizations and their members for over 30 years.

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