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      Our DELUXE TIP DRY ERASE MARKERS  Mega Pack - Each Marker  50¢ each  UNBEATABLE VALUE         Made in the U.S.A.

       Click here for  Student ErasersChisel Tip Markers  or  Accessory Kits just scroll down page.


     Watch this 100 second Video recorded at the 2016 National Math Conference. Amazing Markers !   

Deluxe Tip Student Dry Erase Markers
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Qty:               ITEM # MTM

These are the very best student markers currently available at any price!

MEGA Pack  1500 Markers - $750
Qty:    Color:

That's just 50¢ each ! Compare at $1.60 each Save $1650.00

Made in the U.S.A. shipped direct from our factory

Crush Proof Tip - Bold Colors -

It takes TWO ExpoTM Chisel Tip Markers to equal the writing power of just ONE of these.

Ultra Low Odor -Washable Off Skin
 That's because our markers are power packed and they don't waste a lot of ink on the student's dry erase boards.

                          Markers are 6 inches long.


    Our Marker tips are guaranteed not to collapse or "disappear" inside the marker. The markers are ULTRA LOW ODOR. They are also completely NON TOXIC and conform to ASTM D-4236 standards. WE guarantee ONE of our student markers has the writing power of TWO ExpoTM Chisel Tip Markers.   Each marker is 6" long.

                             Educator Reviews   Click Here to Watch the 100 second Video.

To get a lot of work done, this is what you need in your classroom.
They are inexpensive and they write very well.
Lyn Steffens
Middle School Teacher - Diamond, OK

I really like that the students can just go to town on these markers
 and not have the tips collapse into the marker...
Minneapolis, MN

These markers are like destroy proof. I suggest these.
Tiana Mayo
High School Teacher - West Covina, CA

I love the markers and how they don’t dry out really quick.
The kids- especially younger kids- can press really hard and the tips do not go into the markers.
Tammy Calloway
Binghamton Elem
Springfield, MO

We use them from 1st thru 6th grade.
We use them for Math, Language Arts, Science, and Social Studies.
Jeff Harrison
Director of Instruction - Austin, TX

This is going to be really durable, it's going to be awesome.
Jennifer H.
Algebra Teacher - San Francisco, CA

Even though my Expos have died during the year I have not needed to replace a single one of these.
Elaine Reeves
Math Teacher - Rio Grande, CA

Difficult to find markers at a lower price and these come in colors I like and  they work well. I really like them.
A. Dionne
Ontario, Canada

I love your markers! I order them for my school each year.
Lisa Jennings
South Dakota















Student Erasers  ITEM # ER as low as 45¢ ea.
Pack Size:   Qty:    
      (Compare at $1.20 each)

Student Erasers

Unbeatable Markerboard People quality.      Made in the U.S.A.     2" x 1 3/8"  x 11/16"   

      These erasers are made from recycled materials (wood & felt) and are virtually indestructible. They fit comfortably in the hand and will quickly erase our student dry erase boards. They also are the perfect size to erase individual words or numbers. We guarantee the felt will not separate from the wooden tops or we will replace them  free.

How long do markers last?

    The tips on these markers are "crush proof". Students don't waste ink from writing with smashed tips that no longer write well, as happens with other markers.

      It takes TWO ExpoTM Chisel Tip Markers to equal the writing power of just ONE of our student markers. That is because there is not as much ink in the ExpoTM Chisel Tip Marker as you would think and that marker's tip uses way more ink than our student marker does.

     Some teachers report 30 of our student markers last the whole year in their classroom. That is not an uncommon statement. But  normally a teacher will want 60 of our student markers to get through the entire year. Keep in mind, doodling and improper capping will diminish the markers life. Occasionally a teacher could need more than 60 a year.

     There can be major differences in the quality of a marker. We have heard reports of other dry erase markers only lasting for a few days. There are also differences in how distributors handle the markers. All dry erase markers have a limited shelf life.  Our markers have up to a 3 year shelf life. If the retailer you buy your markers from is selling you stale stock that was manufactured a couple of years ago, your markers can be used up before you even begin using them.



A Super Special for Markers & Erasers


ACCESSORY KIT         ITEM # AK                                    Student Marker & Eraser
                                       (that's just 60¢ per piece or less)
Marker Color:                                       Qty:  ak-30


Accessory Kit includes this heavy duty zippered storage bag.

 Chisel Tip Dry Erase Markers

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These Full Size Chisel Tip Dry Erase Markers write and erase well. The colors are bold. Made in the USA. As low as 69¢ each.         Satisfaction Guaranteed !

Purple, Black, Blue, Green, Red & Assortment 5 Color  Available


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