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Why you should shop with us for Student Dry Erase Products

Even WalMart can't touch our prices. Compare and see. You will not find a better price than our prices on class sets of student dry erase boards. We will not be undersold*

1)      We have been manufacturing dry erase board over 25 years

2)    We offer Unbeatable Prices. We won’t be undersold*

3)    Our phone number is 1-800-DRY-ERASE

4)    We have the largest variety

5)    We have the “Goof-Proof” dry erase surface

6)    Our dry erase surface never permanently stains

7)    We were the first to offer permanent guidelines etched and locked onto a dry erase surface

8)    It takes 2 standard teacher sized dry erase markers to match the writing power of one of our student markers

9)    We offer a No-Risk 30 day trial

10) And Finally...

Google.com, Yahoo.com, MSN.com & AOL.com list up to 890,000 web pages that match the search phrase: student dry erase boards

Yet they all have ranked THE MARKERBOARD PEOPLE #1  over the other  web pages indexed.

If they thought we were worthy of being considered the best don’t you owe it to your students to check us out first?

 Everyone claims their products are the best. Yet they don’t let you to try a full 30 student classroom set of their products for 4 to 6 weeks. We offer schools a no-risk trial on any of our classroom sets. We even pay the return freight if the school decides not to purchase them after their evaluation. We also can delay billing if needed.. WHAT A DEAL !!!

We only manufacture dry erase boards and accessories so we are able to offer you the very lowest prices. It's all we do, so we have to do it best!

   Because we are the manufacturers, we can ship most orders to you within 24 hours.

   Schools have ordered millions of our markerboards because we offer both the highest quality and the lowest prices. That is the advantage of buying direct from our factory.

Why our Dry Erase Markerboards are the ones teachers want.

Our Dry Erase Boards are designed for maximum versatility. Students can use the same boards for a variety of subjects.

Why the light grey graphics? We were the first to introduce dry erase boards that were permanently lined. When we introduced our lined boards the lines were done in bold colors. The boards looked great but there was a problem. The lines interfered with the teacher seeing the students work! For this reason we developed our exclusive "invisi-line gray" guidelines. Our "invisi-line gray" guidelines "fade" into the background when students hold their boards up to show the teacher. The student's work makes headlines, not dark colored guidelines.

Yet another exclusive is that because the guidelines are done in our "invisi-line gray", students can use them as an unlined board too. No need for double sided boards anymore. You get double-sided versatility with single sided durability. Our surface can last twice as long as a double-sided board. (Ours do not get scratched up from laying on a desktop.)

The Markerboard People
1611 North Grand River 
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Lansing, MI 48906

Phone Numbers:
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* If before purchasing you think you have found a comparable product elsewhere for less, let us know. Because all we do is Student Dry Erase Products we will not be undersold. We shop the competition so you don't have to.

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