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    Regardless of the subject you teach, ask your question and every student can respond with their own student dry erase response board.
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    More and more schools are discovering our amazing markerboard surface. Just write and wipe. Teachers enjoy teaching when students respond using our markerboards. It keeps everyone involved and makes learning and presenting fun. Our 30 years of EXPERIENCE in making dry erase boards enables us to offer you superior response boards. They are made from solid wood products and all edges and corners are rounded for safety and durability.

     We are the SOLE SOURCE for our student dry erase response boards & lap boards. You can not purchase our student boards, markers or erasers elsewhere. Our classroom sets are affordable and economical. If you think you have found a better deal elsewhere, let us know. We will not be undersold. We will meet or beat the price on any comparable items. We shop the competition so you don't have to.

     Unlike low quality student write and wipe boards, our surfaces are "GOOF PROOF". Even if the wrong marker is accidentally used to write on them, they can still be cleaned off. Also, say goodbye forever to toxic smelly markers! We offer only NON TOXIC and ULTRA LOW ODOR dry erase markers, and they have a long shelf life too!

     Regardless of the subject you teach,
ask your question and every student can   respond with their student response board.


Regardless of the subject you teach,
any question that is being posed for student response lends itself to the use of our student dry erase boards.


Check out this long list of benefits to your teaching efforts


  • Connects teacher to student one-on-one. 
  • Multiplies student participation and response.
  • Facilitates the direct involvement and participation of entire class.
  • Great tool for checking for understanding.
  • Corrections easily made and rechecked.
  • Provides feedback to both teacher and student.
  • All students checked quickly.
  • Students immediately realize strengths and weaknesses.
  • A non-threatening forum for students to respond to teachers questions.
  • Quick and efficient after direct teaching to correct misconceptions.
  • Improved student performance.
  • Wonderful vehicle for positive reinforcement and interaction with students.
  • Enhances writing and thinking skills
  • Inexpensive. Costs less than constantly duplicating worksheets.
  • Clean,
  • Convenient setup and storage.
  • Shared correction of common mistakes.
  • Cooperative interaction between students emerges naturally.
  • Motivates and refines the art of posing questions for student response.
  • Least threatening participation for shy or insecure students.
  • Motivates and pressures disengaged students to get involved.
  • Amazing positive group dynamics that encourage and support learning.
  • Positive peer pressure when students are receiving positive reinforcement.
  • Contagious enthusiasm with getting the right answer and recognition.
  • Friendly competition to be among those with the right answer.
  • Increases student and teacher enjoyment and adds variety to class.

Students of all ages love it! Here is what they say:

"It's a really fun way to learn."

"They add variety to the class."

"Everyone is actively participating in a fun way."

"We actually compete in a playful way to show our answers."

"I like finding out right away if I am right or wrong."

"I like using the boards because I am a visual learner."

"When we use the boards, it makes us think fast."

"It lets the teacher know how well we understand."

"I lack confidence and am shy about volunteering but with the boards I can participate and not feel threatened."

"It enables me to apply what I have learned in class and tells me if I have mastered the concept."

"They help us to practice and review and express our thoughts in a fun way. They are a great learning tool!"

"I wish all my teachers used these boards. I think they could easily be incorporated in my other classes."

"They help you to realize the stuff you didn't know but thought you did."

"It's fast, easy, and correctable. We see our mistakes and then fix them."

"While we actually work individually, we can still discuss it with our partner and the teacher. They really juice up the class."

"They give each student lots of one on one time with the teacher."

"They allow quick and direct interaction between student and teacher."

"Having these boards has made me enjoy class more and would be useful in other classes as well!"

"I feel the white boards more than anything else have raised my grade from a B to an A."

"These markerboards are much cleaner than using chalk. 

"With my student response board I don't feel as pressured as when we all go to up to the chalkboard."

"The response boards make me want to learn."

Ideas for use in an English class

  • What words would you use to describe the setting, a character, a theme, a plot?
  • Practicing concise paraphrasing and summarization.
  • Spelling.
  • Expression of opinions or conclusions to open discussion.

Ideas for use in a science class

  • Stating and using formulas.
  • Expressing conclusions.
  • Questions involving direct and inverse variation of related physical quantities.
  • Expressing predictions of experimentation results.
  • Checking for understanding of lab procedures and purposes.
  • Definitions

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