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     Dry Erase Boards, Markerboards, & White Boards all have referred to surfaces that can be written on with special markers and wiped clean with a dry cloth, tissue, or eraser. These surfaces are great around computers and in classrooms because they aren't dusty like chalkboards.

Did You Know?

If you have dry erase boards that are permanently stained, that is because they have a semi-porous surface. All Student Dry Erase Boards used to have a non-porous surface, now not so much.

 Our dry erase surface will never permanently stain even if written on with the wrong marker or we will replace it free.

If you are looking at buying elsewhere, here's a tip. Ask them if they will guarantee in writing that their dry erase surface will never permanently stain, even if written on with the wrong marker. That is the easiest way to know the surface quality.

Most Catalogs only give you a 30 day  guarantee. Now you may know why.

Some companies sell what we call "panel board" which is famous for staining and scratching when used as a marker board. So if you are investing any money in a dry erase marker board make sure the seller guarantees in writing that it will clean up and not become stained and unusable. Telling you, after the fact, that you used the wrong marker or should have erased it right away is a little late.

     First off, DO NOT USE abrasive cleaners. Old fashioned Comet cleanser is good for bathtub, bad for the Dry Erase Board.

     If you accidentally use a regular marker or a Vis-A-Vis on your dry erase surface you will probably get it off  with a water dampened cloth. This is normal with all dry erase surfaces. If you get something on your board that doesn't want to clean off, don't panic. You may be able to remove it from your board by going over the mark with your dry erase marker and then erasing.

     If that does not clean it off there are markerboard cleaners you can purchase. Most cleaners actually consist of a weak dry erase marker solution. To do a heavy duty cleaning of our boards we recommend using some non-acetone fingernail polish remover on a soft cloth or paper towel. This method works better and costs less than commercial board cleaners. On boards purchased elsewhere, check with the manufacturer to avoid damaging your board.

     We have heard reports of economy dry erase markers only lasting for a few days. Our markers usually last anywhere from a term up to a full school year in normal classroom use. Some educators have used our dry erase markers for up to two years without replacing them.

     There can be major differences between manufacturers in the quality of a marker. There can also be major differences in how distributors handle the markers. All dry erase markers have a limited shelf life. Some markers will dry out just a few months after manufacture even though they never have been used. If the store you buy your markers from is selling you stale stock that was manufactured a couple of years ago, your markers can be used up before you start.

     Our markers are currently the very best markers available. They are washable off skin too! Click here for more info.

     We have seen "markerboards" made from cardboard and Styrofoam. We have also seen boards with a thin plastic film. Sharp objects, like steak knives or hacksaws can damage all markerboards. Abrasive cleaners can also destroy a markerboard. Our markerboards are made to be "goof-proof". We have been in business for over 30 years. We guarantee that our markerboard can be cleaned off, and that our graphics (handwriting guidelines, etc.) are permanently etched into the markerboard surface or we will replace it free.

     We specialize in special orders in quantities of 500 to 500,000. You will be amazed at what we can do for you. Click here for more info.

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     We will give your school a risk-free trial of a classroom set of our markerboards, complete with the markers and erasers. If your school doesn’t love them we will pick them up from your school after your 30-day trial. Click here for more info on this. If you are in industry email us with your company name and address along with your needs and we will see what we can do for you too.

     We have done custom products for companies across the country. If you are looking at quantities of 500 to 500,000 units click here to submit your inquiry with any specs and questions.

     You can ONLY order them factory direct from us. We guarantee your satisfaction and we only charge 10% for shipping and handling costs ($9.95 minimum).

     Most orders ship the same day we receive them.

     We add a 10% shipping & handling charge ($9.95 minimum) to all orders sent within the U.S.A.. 

    Yes, we accept these credit cards. 

    You can order online (we have a secure credit card server) or over the phone.                     (800) DRY-ERASE (379-3727)

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